All,  We thought you would be interested in the recent board meeting and some of the events leading up to it.  Please keep demanding more transparency and inclusion of our community members from our board: your inputs are making a difference!

The good news is the board moved the monthly meetings to 6pm to try and accommodate those that are not retired.  This is in direct response to requests made by members in the April 15th meeting.  A number of folks also contacted VOCA in advance of the meeting to request a phone conference line that would enable homebound and non-local members to attend the meeting.  Each response was met with a variation of “we do not have conference call capabilities.”  That is a disappointment to hear given the investment in the AV equipment in the large room and the availability of free conference calling services.  Despite the lack of a phone line, the monthly meeting had record attendance of about 25 members, which was noted positively by the board!

At the start of the meeting, it was announced that Ken Root had resigned his position on the board.
As per the By-Laws, the board has selected Kevin O’Connor to serve in his place and to serve only until the next election.
The various meeting minutes were proposed and seconded for adoption. A meeting on March 21st was mentioned, but there was no copy of those minutes in the hand-out.
The treasurer, recommended two people to serve on the Finance Committee. They were Joe Jansen (recent board member) and Sean Baguley. The board voted in favor.
The chair of the Architectural Committee put forward two people to be on his committee. They were Tom Fox and Brian Morse. The board voted in favor.
Roger Jolly asked about the Social Committee. The board voted to revive the Activities Committee (with an already approved budget), and there were four volunteers present: Roger Jolly, Irene Abramovich, Deb Makowski plus one other. Upcoming activities will include a July 4th picnic.  Editor’s notes: we hope the resurrection of this committee will help all of us get to know each other better as neighbors and it is great to see more inclusion of non-board members on committees representing the diversity of interests of our community members!
The alternates for the Big Park Regional Council were all board members.
Randy Garrison (the District 3 Supervisor) had arrived to give a report  at 3 PM. He did not realize that the meeting was at 6 PM, and unfortunately he couldn’t stay until then. A short report of what he intended to address was read out. It concerned a speed bump in Red Butte; speed bumps in Red Rock Cove, where the golf cart path crossed the road; Red Rock Cove signage; and the VOCA 5 acre parcel where heavy equipment tends to park. There is some hope that the County will purchase this for exactly that purpose, although it was not clear if it would be a lease or purchase.  There is also a developer who has indicated interest in the bulk of the parcel.
As preliminary research into the value of the 5 acre parcel, VOCA were being advised by a Realtor (Bob Bruno, Coldwell Banker). He had sought the advice of two Appraisers, Dan Swan, who was busy and did not provide an idea of value, and Joe Bock, who said it was near impossible as there were no comparables. Those in attendance were told that absolutely nothing would be done before a full enlightened discussion had taken place.
The treasurer reported that to all intents and purposes, all capital projects had already been completed. Two items, the shed, would come through the May financials, and that left renovating the signage on the clubhouse as the only other one.
The House & Grounds Committee had recommended replacing the awning on the patio, but this was still in discussion. The treasurer said that, according to the By-laws, Capital Expenditure was limited to 150% of last year’s depreciation.
A question was asked about the hand-out, which said that there was a loss of $2,618 on the tennis courts. We were informed that this was the depreciation, a non-cash expense.
It was stated that HOAMCO do not receive any money from fines. These all go directly to VOCA.
There is going to be an emergency un-budgeted repair costing $1,300. This was to repair the large loading gates leading to the restaurant.
The money lost by the restaurant was due to the depreciation of the investment on the restaurant upgrades.
Golf was doing well.
On short term rentals, there were 8 properties in receipt of courtesy notices, and nearly all are contesting them. The board also noted the validity of the amendments passed in November were being disputed.  However they did not specifically mention the lawsuit which has been filed by Tim & Karen Caggiano (see the Go-Fund-Me page link on this site.)
The new signage for the clubhouse had been agreed using an “email vote”. That voted was then ratified by the board.  It was unclear when/who received this option for the email vote.

One item that came up in the April meeting but has not yet been addressed by the board is the conflict between the $50 a day cap in the by-laws and the $150 per event and $250 a day fines for violation of the leasing amendment.