VOCA Board of Directors Regular Meeting Jul 26, 2017, 6:00 PM

The president called the meeting to order and did a roll count. There were three board members missing for various reasons. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Sadly, a headcount showed that, if you excluded board members, the golf department personnel, and members of committees (Finance and Activities), there were only THREE members in attendance. This is not going to get our voice heard.

In the president’s comments he mentioned the change in the schedule from 3 PM to 6 PM, and the teleconferencing subcommittee, which would report later in the meeting. He also said that consideration was being given to extending the awning over the patio, and increasing the area of the golf shop, a major source of revenue.

The Treasurer reported that June had been a disappointing month. However, they had budgeted for a loss of $16,000, but only lost $11,000. There was no mention of the STR fines, which I understand are in the accounts as “actual revenue”, and amount to about $18,000. There is an amount in the Balance Sheet of $17,209 for “Tournament Deposits” from 2011, which, on advice from the CPA, will have to be taken into income.

The Golf Pro reported on some successful events that had taken place recently, including the July 4th event, and one due in August for 80 kids. They noted that they were investigating a GPS system for the golf carts. The cost is defrayed by the supplier pre-selling 16 adverts, and OCC being given just 4 to sell locally. If the latter is achieved then the system pays for itself.

The Activities Committee said that only 5 people have signed up as yet to the Pancake Breakfast, which costs $5 a head, and is between 9 and 11 AM on 09/02/2017.

HOAMCO reported that so far they collected nine $500 amounts to the Working Capital Contribution. They are projecting to receive $35,000. It was reported that there have been leaks in the roof because of the recent rain, which will be an unforeseen expense, and the new storage shed is in place. 202 compliance notices had been served to date and 73% have been closed. 16 owner accounts are currently with Carpenter Hazlewood for collection. 4 owners are in payment plans, and 16 owners are late with their 2016 dues.

The president talked about the 5-acre parcel. He reiterated that Yavapai County had informed him that, in order to extract that parcel from OCCC West, which would be a prerequisite for a sale to a developer, then that would require a re-plat. This would entail a unanimous vote in favor from the 144 Owners. The alternative, which might be costly, and therefore not encouraging, was to canvass all the Owners in OCCC West, plus all Owners within a 1,000 foot radius of the subdivision for their approval. This would include some property in Sun Up Ranch. The majority necessary to get approval would be decided solely at the discretion of the Yavapai County Board, and was therefore an unknown. The parcel belongs to VOCA, as it was released by OCCC West when they signed up to join VOCA. The parcel’s usable area would probably lead to the construction of only 5 to 10 units, probably condos or townhouses. The value of the parcel was probably only about $500,000. There is still the prospect of selling the long thin unusable part (where trucks sometimes park) to the County.

The sub-committee on telecommunications then reported. The basis of their discussion was that (1) they would have to purchase/own the equipment. (2) They would have to establish a protocol to confine access to meetings to members only. (3) They would have to establish who could talk, and for how long. (4) They would have to get the right equipment to avoid the echo in that room, and (5) they would have to establish the costs.
It was stated that they could not use peoples’ personal cell phones as they wouldn’t be able to have control. They were advised by Carpenter Hazlewood that they would have to be very careful what was said, as you never know who’s listening.
They had looked at a couple of “free” services, but the board had no experience of these, and it would take a board member, or someone else under the board’s direction, to monitor and organize.
They explored using VOCA’s existing PBX (analog), but that would cost about $7,000 to $8,000 to upgrade.
Their recommendation was to use a service (Open Voice) which would cost them $0.08 cent a minute per caller. There was a suggestion that the board should spend $1,000 to see if it would work.

The president mentioned that he had received a number of emails on the subject, and he felt that they should be doing something to offer a call-in facility in order to increase the member participation.

It was noted that the sub-committee, who acknowledged their lack of expertise, did not invite anyone with knowledge or experience to participate in their discussions.  It was suggested by a member in attendance that the board reach out to a younger member of the community to help demonstrate a service such as freeconferencecalling.com or a similar free service.

Finally a portion of the meeting was spent discussing storm damage from day before and it was reaffirmed that our insurance coverage was up to date.