November VOCA Board meeting highlights:

Another new Board member was named, Sean Baguley, who was voted in by the board as the Treasurer.

The Board approved the 2018 budget, which had several changes made right before the meeting.  Notable was a $200 increase to annual golf membership dues. (Recall this was hotly debated in the October meeting)

The 2018 board Election committee formed, Jan Liskowski is the chair.  Applications are due early February. Though we recommend your getting application in before the end of January.

December VOCA Board Meeting Highlights:

Jan Liskowski, Cal Wood, Donna Adams not present, however 4 is enough for the quorum

President’s comments:

Earl stated 2017 was a very good year for VOCA. VOCA received a thank you note from the Wild Turkey Condo Board (part of VOCA) for topping up a berm and reducing the risk of flooding.

The 18th tee for Oak Creek Golf Course has similar issues and the board agreed it is VOCA’s responsibility to prevent flooding into the neighboring yard, so will undertake the expense of repairs to return it to the prior state before erosion created issues.  The cost is less than $2k for the grading and leveling work and is being done in conjunction with other work being done by a contractor.  A question was asked if we needed to do bidding. The answer was no because it is under $2k.

The board agreed to settle the Caggiano lawsuit and expect to sign soon.  Editors note: The lawsuit was filed in April to overturn the illegally formatted ballot from November 2016 that prohibited short-term rentals and roommates and also removed the $50 a day cap on fines that still exists in the By-Laws.  The president also noted a second lawsuit, and stated the claims were similar: VOCAs lawyers filed motion to dismiss, however a hearing is set in Maricopa County in February.

The president thanked Tom O’Neil for his duties as acting superintendent of the golf course, with the new one starting in January.

Treasurer’s report:

The finance committee approved transfer of $225k in funds to the capital reserves to take advantage of the interest rates being high.  They will finalize in the next day or so with Deb Brewer of HOAMCO needing to sign off on some of it.  $75K was sourced from golf operations, $150k from the VOCA side.  VOCA has $450k in operating funds today.  Figuring expenses of ~$32k a month, this would leave <$100k before assessments are due in June.  A debate was started by the president concerning the Finance committee’s recommendation.  The treasurer stated it was unclear what the cash would be spent on and funds could be transferred if needed for an emergency repair.  Further, transfer of funds does not need to be approved by the board.  HOAMCO’s rep, Deb, then brought up another debate if this should be approved by the board and recorded in the minutes.  The board ultimately approved the motion to transfer the funds 3 to 1.

Golf report:

Heather Risk summarized the golf operations, noting that membership was up 2 in the month of November.  However member rounds were down over this time last year, but that was offset by an increase in guest rounds and ultimately guests have made up 56% of the golf round revenues of 2017.  She reminded us that the new golf carts are being leased as opposed to bought. VOCA has a loan with Chase bank on the existing carts that will be bought out and ~$83K will go into reserves as a result.  The president noted a lot of rounds have been played at OCC compared to industry average.  He then asked if the “Golf Now” website has a contract and had heard comments about how little people pay to play when booking on the site.  The site has no contract.  It uses a sliding scale of selling available tee times to maximize revenue for the golf course.   A few more questions were asked, as the president wants to be able to explain to people when they raise concerns and don’t understand the rates. Lots of discussion occurred around the topic.

VOCA management report from HOMACO:

Deb Brewer reported 36 members are delinquent in their assessments.  As of Nov 22nd, 150 homes were sold with $500 each paid into capital reserves.  VOCA is well short of the $2.5M needed for capital reserves to be at recommended funding level.  The VOCA website is closed down while a new site is being populated with ~3500 members’ info, financial info, etc.  All members will have to re-register once it goes live.  Members will be able to pay assessments and see fines on the new site.  Expect the new site to be up and running after the holidays (Note as of today it is up and available and a link was sent by HOAMCO earlier this week with instructions.).  The expect ~100 pickle ball court members next year and the patio awning project has been completed.  The activities committee planned a New Year’s Eve Party, complete with 3 champagne toasts!

VOCA office is getting ready with election committee headed by Jan Lisowski.  There are 4 open seats given all the turn-over in the past year.  VOCA encouraged all to put their name in if interested in running.  Ballots will be sent out in the Feb/March time.  A question was asked as to how many candidates have applied.  Jan has been making calls and will be back in town Jan 6th, but there was not a number to report at this time.  The president is posting articles in the Villager and hoping to get new candidates interested.

Open forum:

A member asked to move the meeting times to earlier in the day.  The president responded it was moved to 6pm due to request from those in the annual meeting.  Much discussion occurred, and the president asked those on the line their opinion, then someone reminded him that it is a one way call.  Someone then stated there is generally the same ~6 people in the room, and a few on the phone line.  The president suggested 4pm.  The treasurer suggested to get membership feedback on a preferred meeting time using a free email tool like Survey Monkey or the new VOCA website.  The president suggested it should be most convenient for those that attend: the board and those reporting out on committees.  A comment was made it makes it easier on the HOMACO staff to hold it earlier in the day.  President moved the January meeting be moved to 4pm.  The motion failed.  The president stated we should keep the current 6pm time until the Annual Meeting in April and discuss there.

Meeting adjourned.