If you  are concerned about a second 3 story hotel being built at the south-east corner of 179 and Jacks Canyon with its additional congestion and traffic on our 179 one-lane road, please write to David Williams (David.C.Williams@yavapai.usand tell him you don’t want the parcel rezoned from residential to commercial so another hotel could be built there.  You must include your name and address. He has stated that he wants to hear from residents stating their concerns. We thought you would like to know what was going on in VOC.

Below are some email exchange excerpts between one of our concerned community members and the country:


As a president of an HOA in the Village of Oak Creek, I have been asked about the hotel project proposed for the property at the outlet mall in the VOC. Specifically, I have been asked if the people in VOC can do anything to impact the scope of the project.


It appears there are TWO hotels being proposed in VOC. Some information has been forwarded to me that may be enlightening.

1. Below is information about the hotel proposed for the outlet mall. The information is from emails to a taxpayer from David C. Williams at the county. (email: David.C.Williams@yavapai.us
The emails did not include a confidentiality disclaimer. Citizens can go to the county offices to view files or fill out a public records request to obtain copies of any county public records. 
“Hotel #1 is at the outlet mall.  Their first floor is considered a basement due to the Natural Grade of the property. This would be under the definition of Natural Grade in the Zoning Ordinance, Section 300 as well as where the natural grade is on that particular lot, It is legally considered a basement floor, with 2 additional floors.  The natural grade as determined by the Engineers is approximately 6-8 feet above where the current grade is on the property and is more aligned with the road elevation with 179.  The hotel is under the height requirements for the Zoning District.”
“There is no traffic study for the hotel at the outlet mall as the loss of retail space and the proposed rooms are less than what is already required for the center as it exists today.”
2. Below is information about the second hotel. The information is from emails to a taxpayer from David C. Williams at the county. (email: David.C.Williams@yavapai.us)  
The emails did not include a confidentiality disclaimer. Citizens can go to the county offices to view files or fill out a public records request to obtain copies of any county public records. 
“The second hotel is located on the south side of Jacks Canyon Road at 179.”
“The second hotel is going in south of the outlet mall.  It has been preliminarily reviewed and will  require a Use Permit.  They will be beginning Community Participation in the coming weeks before filing a formal application for the Use Permit.  It will have to go before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for consideration.  It is a 3 story  proposed hotel.”
“The parcel that the second hotel is going on is zoned as RCU-2A which is a residential zoning category.  It will need to be rezoned to commercial in order to allow for the hotel.  The County no longer recognizes any of the community plans that had been done previously.  I believe that they stopped recognizing the plans approximately 7 years or so ago.”
“The new hotel that is being proposed will have a traffic impact study done as they go through the review process.”
“These are not combined projects.  They are each separate owners and parcels of land.”
A 3-story hotel on the outlet mall property is significant. Will this set a precedent for future buildings? 
An additional 3-story hotel in the VOC, besides the hotel proposed on the outlet mall property, is of great concern to me. According to the information above, REZONING will be required for the second hotel. We need to ensure the opinions of the majority of the members of the community are heard on the issue of REZONING. In my opinion, this cannot be done through current methods.
Do we want the VOC to turn into “hotel city?” Remember when the Hyatt was built at the “Y?” A major view of our precious Red Rocks was destroyed. Our Red Rock views in the VOC could be impacted by the construction of TWO three-story hotels. Can our community provide services for the increase in tourists? Do we want to? 
In our opinion, community members need to get involved to influence the scope of these projects. I suggest we ask the county for additional and extraordinary means to share information and voice concerns about these projects.