I’m happy to discuss with anyone who truly seeks to understand a working professional’s perspective on being included in VOCA committees. Aside from the scheduling issues mentioned by Bridget, which resulted in the committee only meeting twice and not fulfilling its charter to ‘select the top 20 ambiguities or changes in the Bylaws and Master Declarations to be presented to the BOD for review”, a lack of collaboration nor shared insight resulted in only 1 item being placed on the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting Ballot.  Despite my objection to the two amendments recommended for change in the  VOCA Policy Committee Minority Report 012019, which was never published to VOCA’s site for public consumption, the Board unanimously approved moving forward with the one on fines.  Having already been voted down in 2017, it is suspect that failed vote was not reflected in the Board’s summary of the issue as stated on the ballot.

Further demonstrating a relentless pursuit of specific items, as newly elected chair, here is 65 seconds of John Roberts

stating he will “adapt his own [agenda]…ma’am, you just elected me chair and it’s the way we are going to operate.”  As a member of the committee, his agenda was clear to me: push through the amendments to have the Board be solely responsible for increases to annual assessments (along with potentially substantial late fees) and try to once again overcome the membership vote that kept the fine max at $50 a day.

No other meetings were held after those issues. This is despite the feedback from the community to better understand why we might want, need and benefit with a change in the annual assessments.  In the end, the ad-hoc committee was truly ad-hoc, to pursue the agenda of a few, not the direction of the Board to recommend ~20 changes to clarify how we will operate as an HOA.

-Submitted by Karen Caggiano and posted by the VOCA Homeowners’ Right Alliance upon request.